Thursday, 20 September 2018

Yes, you can! Knowledge of London set to be promoted in schools

via taxi-point
A new booklet promoting the Knowledge to potential taxi drivers has just been published online.
How to become a London taxi driver has been compiled by TPH. It talks about the proud history of the profession in London and shows people how they can become part of that tradition going into the future.
Katie Chennells, Knowledge of London Manager at TPH explains: ‘Driving a taxi is a great, flexible career and the booklet is a really good tool for showing would-be taxi drivers what people already doing the job feel about it.’
The booklet contains chapters on how to apply to study the Knowledge, the different stages to learning, how the system of appearances works and what individuals need to do to be successful students.
There are also case studies with students and working cabbies giving their reasons for wanting to complete the Knowledge, and why they love being taxi drivers.
Katie and her team are now taking the printed copies of the booklet into schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of London’s finest.
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