Saturday, 22 December 2018

4000 taxis disappear from Northern Irelands streets in just 5 years

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It's been revealed by the BBC that there has been a 27% reduction in the number of taxis registered in Northern Ireland.
The worrying statistic is being blamed on the introductiin of enhanced theory and practical tests, which were introduced in 2014.
There were 15,430 registered taxis in 2013, this number has now shrunk to just 11,328 in 2018.
There are now serious concerns that the taxi industry is severely under-subscribed, by both passengers as well as taxi companies.
Some criticism has been levelled at the way some of the questions have been presented on the theory test.
Questions such as the impact of air conditioning on fuel consumption have been cited as being completely irrelevant to a prospective candidate wishing to becomea taxi driver.
Another factor which has been presented is the rising cost of insurance, which is a contributory factor in making it very difficult for cabbies to turn a profit.
With a pass rate of just 20% who undertake the taxi test, the Department for Infrastructure is reviewing aspects of the test to ensure that it is fit for purpose.
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