Friday, 28 December 2018

Lisson Grove mob: Another cabbie attacked

via taxi-point
Another day, another taxi driver attacked by the gang dubbed "The Lisson Grove Mob."
This time a female taxi driver was attacked in thebearly hours of Christmas Eve morning.
Linda Morris was flagged down by a single individual at approximately 5am on December 24 near the junction of Dorset Square and Gloucester Place and was asked to go to Edgware Road.
Four youths then appeared from nowhere and jumped into the taxi. It was only then that Linda realised that they were part of "The Lisson Grove Mob."
She then asked them to get out, saying she had just accepted an account job on her app when they then turned on her and started abusing her and attacking the inside of the cab.
Linda then drove to a well lit part of the area, Park Road by Rossmore Road, and sounded her horn and flashed her headlights toward another cab driver, who stopped to assist her.
They then jumped out and started attacking the outside of her cab, with one of them trying to get her to open the front door by claiming to have dropped money in the front.
The youths then eventually made their escape, running off down Rossmore Road.
Linda was left shaken but unhurt, the taxi sustained internal damage to the credit card facility.
The police were called but surprisingly, they did not attend, although a report has been made.
The attack has mirrored other attacks in the same area over the last twelve months and taxi drivers have been warned to be on their guard.
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