Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Accusation of racism as passenger tries to assault cabbie

via taxi-point
A cabbie has been accused of racism and sexism after an argument over an open window in his vehicle, which led to a woman trying to assault the driver.
The Metro reported that cabbie, Mian Sabir, asked a group of passengers to leave his vehicle after they allegedly told him that he wouldn't be paid.
Sabir was asked by one of the group if he would close his window, which he refused to do, this in turn sparked an argument.
After refusing to pay their fare, one of the group then accused the cabbie of racism and sexism.
It was alleged by Sabir that the woman who was yelling at him, alighted the vehicle, whilst the womans mother remained in the vehicle.
The mother then allegedly told Sabir that he wouldn't be paid if he didn't close the window.
The daughter then returned to the vehicle as the mother and other members of the group were outside of the vehicle. The cabbie then alleges that they attacked the vehicle and attempted to assault him, but were pulled away by other group members.
A Police spokesman said:"police were called to a report of an assault on a taxi driver on Lockwood Scar between 10pm and 10.50pm on 26 December.
The suspects, who were customers in the vehicle, are reported to have become abusive towards the driver. They then got out of the car and attempted to cause damage to his vehicle. Enquiries remain ongoing into the incident.
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