Friday, 11 January 2019

Malaga Airport touting scam exposed by cabbies

via taxi-point
A scam at Malaga Airport has been exposed by licensed taxi drivers as well as official transport agencies regarding passengers being picked up from the airport.
Euro Weekly News have reported that a gang of unlicensed drivers, or touts are waiting at Terminal 3 of the airport, and then picking up unsuspecting tourists. The touts have no insurance, nor any form of license to operate, leaving passengers at the mercy of these individuals, running the risk of being overcharged, or potentially being involved in an accident in an uninsured vehicle, which in turn could leave the passenger open to the cost of medical treatment. Irate cabbies have complained that the touts either work alone or in groups, and loiter around the airport for as long as they wish, with foreign drivers, and even the elderly, being highlighted as potential touts. The cabbies have also complained that there is no enforcement, with a lack of surveillance and security being blamed for the situation. It is recommended that the safest course of action is to always use a licensed taxi or reputable transit service both to and from the airport.
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