Friday, 11 January 2019

Man who posed as an Uber driver to entice a woman into his vehicle before raping her sentenced to nine years in jail

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A man who posed as an Uber driver to entice his victim into his vehicle has been jailed for the kidnapping and rape of a woman. Mohammed Awais, 28, of East Ham, London, spotted the lone female who had been out with friends in Dalston East London when she ordered an Uber to pick her up. Unaware that the Uber she had ordered had been cancelled, the woman got into Awais’ vehicle when he approached in his white Toyota Auris on October 20, 2018 at around 12:20am. The woman became suspicious of Awais when she realised he didn’t know where he was going. When she voiced her concerns, Awais locked the vehicle doors and drove down a dimly lit alleyway in East Ham where he raped her and then robbed her of her phone, cash and laptop.
(Image:Met Police.)
The woman ran from the vehicle after the attack and hid petrified in the front garden of a nearby property where she was able to raise the alarm. An investigation into the attack was launched and Awais was soon arrested. He was then picked out of an ID parade and forensic evidence was also found which linked him to the attack. Awais was jailed on Thursday 10 for nine years and four months after he admitted rape, assault by penetration, kidnap, robbery, driving whilst disqualified and driving without insurance at an earlier hearing, the Newham Recorder reported. Det Sgt Emma Matthews, who led the investigation, said: “it was established the legitimate Uber vehicle the victim had booked had been cancelled without her realising. “Awais, who had never worked as an Uber driver, arrived at the location by chance and, spotting a lone female, acted as an imposter to get her into his vehicle before carrying out his despicable attack. “His disgusting behaviour is beyond comprehension. He left the victim in fear of her life. “She has been extraordinarily brave throughout the entire process. “I would like to thank her for supporting our investigation, and hope that eventually, and with our continued support, she will one day be able to leave this terrible incident behind her.”
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