Thursday, 12 April 2018

City Of London To Try To Fool Commonwealth Heads ...Will You Answer The Call And Seize The Days?

London Taxi drivers are up in arms as the City of London Fathers admit the closure of the bank junction to traffic other than bus and cycles, could potentially put the heads of the Commonwealth gathering in London for the government forum in grave danger !

Because of the fear that the Commonwealth heads could be in danger, stuck in the utter gridlock and pollution of the surrounding their wisdom, they (the city fathers), have decided to re-open the Bank Junction to all traffic....but only while the Commonwealth heads are gathered here in London for their forum. 

They obviously want to give the false impression that all is well in the City..... But, we know that's far from the truth. 

As soon as they leave, the CoL will resume the Bank Junction scheme again and the pollution causing gridlock will be reimposed on the citizens of this once great city. 

Seize the day, 
Will the Taxi trade unite and take this opportunity to demonstrate against the unfair, unjust Bank a Junction scheme?
The ball, as they say, is in your court !

First Trade Org to come forward with support for the ITA's proposals for protests in the City of London is the London Cab a Drivers Club (LCDC)

Chairman Grant Davis had this to say earlier today:
"So the issue over “Public Safety” is ignored for the 3 days?
What hypocrisy, I am sure our members will be supporting any action that is called By the ITA."

from Taxi Leaks

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