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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Man jailed for threatening cab driver

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A Newcastle man has been jailed after being convicted of threatening a cab driver.
33 year old Leon Honour, had threatened to smash the cabbies face after being charged £12 for his cab fare.
It was reported in The Chronicle Live that Honour had been drinking throughout the day in the Great Yarmouth area, before picking up the cab from Norwich Station.
Upon arriving at his destination, the court heard that Honour became threatening toward the unamed cabbie, telling him to hand over his keys or he will smash his face in.
The court also heard how the cab driver injured his hand in a struggle with his attacker, before being able to make his escape and alerting police.
According to The Eastern Daily Press an impact statement, which made by the cabbie, concluded that he had suffered psychological damage due to the incident, which occured on January 16th of this year.
Honour, who has 39 previous convictions, was given a 16 month prison sentence by Judge Stephen Holt at Norwich Crown Court.

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Does London’s taxi test “The Knowledge” need saving?

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The London Knowledge has long been the gateway to driving a taxi in the capital since first introduced in 1865. However, times are changing and fewer people are taking on the challenge that typically takes between three to four years to complete.Earlier this week UKIP’s Greater London Authority Member David Kurten invited a select few from the London taxi industry to informally run through their ideas on how to buck the trend and raise applicant numbers. Kurten, who is a keen supporter of the taxi industry, told the invited audience at City Hall that applications have dropped by a staggering 78%. Driver numbers have dropped by roughly 2,000 since 2010 sparking concerns that the taxi trade were struggling to promote the Knowledge. Speakers chosen by Mr Kurten gave a miraid if different reasons as to why the decline was happening.Grant Davis from the London Cab Drivers Club, chose to blame the regulator Transport for London for their handling of Uber within the private hire industry, controversially fellow driver’s union LTDA for not doing more to curtail TfL and also the thousands of drivers themselves for their apathy.Dr Mike Galvin, an ex-cabbie and trade expert, thought the industry should focus on their own business model rather than blame others. According to Plan InsuranceGalvin said: “Bashing the regulator is not the way forward. It needs a business solution. It is not Transport for London’s role to promote the Knowledge. Yes, TfL have performed poorly and they should be held to account, but focus should be on improving the trade’s own performance.”Dean Warrington, who runs the established WizAnn Knowledge School, worryingly believes the Knowledge may no longer be viable to applicants in under two years as more and more schools continue to close and struggle. Sean Paul Day from ride-hailing app Taxiapp blamed the apps themselves for taking away street work. He said the street work was seen as a unique selling point to those entering the trade and that app work created less distinction between taxis and private hire firms like Uber.Ex-Knowledge examiner Courtney Connell also pinpointed the large costs involved to do the Knowledge which may have created a boundary for many would be applicants. So what next for the Knowledge? These talks, as informal as they were, did highlight the growing issue surrounding the Knowledge. How drivers and groups present the trade to the outside world has a huge impact on confidence both internally and externally. Social media is a powerful tool and a negative industry can quickly detract those first looking to enter the industry. Recent advertising by London Taxi PR will help attract those the industry needs to survive long term. The group run by Lee Sheppard relies solely on donations from fellow drivers to promote the trade positively. The taxi trade isn’t going anywhere, but the industry does need to turn over a positive leaf or risk failing under its own negativity.

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Eleven South African taxi drivers shot dead in funeral minibus

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Eleven taxi drivers have been shot dead by gunman in a minibus as they left a colleagues funeral. The victims, all part of the local taxi drivers’ association in South Africa and had just left a funeral paying tribute to a colleague who was an earlier victim in the growing violence engulfing the country. Four others were critically injured as 17 in total travelled onboard the ambushed minibus. Police in the areas are investigating the motives which brought on this latest attack which took place in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. Anger and violence between groups of taxi drivers has recently escalated as drivers compete for the most profitable routes. Minibus taxis remain a popular choice of travel in the country.
“The Acting Provincial Commissioner of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi and his management team are overseeing the investigation into these murders. We will await for the investigation to advance before speculating on a motive” said General Khehla Sitole.
July 22, 2018 at 10:46AM Perry Richardson THESE POSTS ARE NOT OUR ENDORSEMENT

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With fines up to HK$500,000 and 3 years in jail – this is serious business

Home and ride sharing in Hong Kong has always theoretically been illegal. But like many cities around the world, a wink and a nod from the government has allowed services such as Uber and Airbnb to thrive, driving more opportunity and demand to the cities than ever. Recent crackdowns and proposed changes to Hong Kong’s enforcement and penalization of sharing economy policies could effectively end the presence of Uber, Airbnb, Grab, Gobee and other leading services in the city entirely, vastly change how travelers experience the iconic Southeast Asian destination. Perhaps, not for the better…

Sharing Economy Travel

Short term lettings under 28 days have always been illegal in Hong Kong, without a license. Since most Airbnb rentals are all under 28 days, virtually every one of them is "technically" illegal, but that hasn’t stopped a booming business of roughly 5,000 Airbnb hosts, each earning HK$25,000 annually, on average in the bustling city. In recent years, cost of living in the city of Hong Kong skyrocketed, and the city seemingly embraced Airbnb and sharing opportunities as a way for residents to subsidize their upward trending rents.

An Airbnb, Uber Crackdown

The South China Morning Post reports recent searches, fines and bans in a large scale step up of enforcement against sharing economy offerings, with further legislative proposals in the pipeline. In similar maneuvers against the ride sharing economy, 28 Uber drivers were fined and convicted of illegal carriage on Tuesday, facing fines up to HK$4,500. The newly proposed legislation would also pave the way for search warrants, where Hotel and Guest Accommodation Authorities could kick the door down on anyone suspected of offering home shares without license. Naturally, the proposal fails to offer a reasonable road to legal listing.

Uber Inflexible

Just weeks ago, Tokyo "cracked down" on Airbnb in a commendably appropriate and progressive way. The city loosened legal restrictions and fees for becoming a vetted and certified home share operator, making it feasible for most  current Airbnb hosts to quickly and inexpensively secure the legal framework to list their properties without grey area. Realistic limits were set, allowing hosts to list properties for up to 180 days a year. Hong Kong thus far refuses to engage in mediation to create new and sustainable laws for the sharing economy. Uber and sharing economy proponents have long lobbied the government to create a path toward legal operations, yet the Hong Kong Government insists all drivers and companies must conform with the current, arguably draconian laws.

Sharing Impact

Statistically, Airbnb hasn’t even made a dent in hotel occupancy rates or revenues. With the exception of Paris, hotel occupancy has continued to rise amidst booming economies and an ever increasing demand for travel. Many view Hong Kong’s proposal to limit the sharing economy as a benefit to hotel and cronies in traditional travel provider markets, with no benefit to residents or travelers. Airbnb, Uber and other sharing economy stalwarts offer travelers increased choice, and price competitive options. Hong Kong is not only one of the most expensive cities to live, but also to stay, and affordable options have only bolstered demand for this Southeast Asian jewel. Will the city pull the plug on thousands of bright lights?

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Yes Another Petition : Lets Get Local Hero Honoured With A George Cross For Bravery

A family friend of mine and well known local Roy Larner of South London, attacked the 3 terrorists during the London Bridge attack in order to try and stop them and help others escape. 

He ended up getting himself stabbed and slashed 8 times on he's head, neck, torso and fingers,  but managed to draw the attackers away saving countless lives. 

He eventually guided the terrorists into the Armed Polices sights and getting them shot down. 

All this whilst now famously shouting "F**** You, Im Millwall", showing great courage and preparing he's body for the ultimate self sacrifice to help others, he should be acknowledged and rewarded for he's actions! 

(The George Cross is the highest gallantry award a British civilian can be awarded for showing tremendous courage in the face of adversity and also having the selfless commitment to put both life and limb on the line to save others!)

Please click link below and sign. 

Get family members and friends to sign as well.

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