Thursday, 28 June 2018

Taking TfL To Court? It's All In The Connections Plus Uber's New Conditions Of Fitness.

The London Taxi trade are now up in arms, screaming for a retrial after Tuesdays unbelievable miscarriage of justice. One org, the UCG are calling for crowdfunding from drivers, to take TfL to court. 

But, is this just throwing good money after bad. 

Could ordinary working people really take on the establishment, pricking consciences and actually win?

The court (so we are told) have put a leash on Uber and added a number of conditions to their 15 month probationary license. But who really believes anything will happen if they ere... they will just say as an operator we are not responsible for any illegal action taken by our drivers, who are self employed contractors. 

We will still see the sexual assaults, the rapes, the robberies, the customer account hacking, the over charging. Uber will just say, nothing to do with us!!!

Uber drivers now think they are untouchable...this one (AV60XXG) blatantly plying for hire on the Hamleys Taxi rank on Regent Street.

Here below are the conditions of Uber licence. Just click on the link 👇🏻


Let’s take a look at what we are actually up against here- 

Paul Coghlan on FaceBook says:

Tap into Facebook any taxi drivers name and you’ll be connected in one way or another. Friends of friends let’s say. 

Well following on from that analogy, type in a Tory mp’s won’t know anyone they know. 

They will however be connected to the judiciary, Qc’s, barristers, solicitors they’ll also know doctors and dentists. 

They won’t however know any chippys, sparks or plumbers. 

See where this is going. 

When they privately educate their children it’s not just to get a superior education it’s to make contacts. These contacts will be maintained throughout university and their professional working lives. 

Favours can and are called in at any time and even when they mess up, there’s always that safety net or life line because they are protected by the class system and wealth it generates. 

So therefore as the anger over the court case disappears and you just carry on because that’s the only option open to you just remember one very important harsh reality:

No amount of court cases will ever help us because the odds are stacked so high in their favour... you will always run into a friend of a friend, but you can be sure they won’t be your friend. 

They’ll be the ones keeping you in your place. 

So what we’ll do is blindly keep hoping that the next case will be the one then the next one. It won’t... because it’s all a done deal. (Where have we heard that before)

The only real course of action is mass scale riots and anarchy which won’t happen either because 

A) we are not French or Italian

B) the feral youth are too busy growing a bit of puff and robbing a Rolex here and there. 

Sad times, be lucky, Paul.

Cabvision's tweet :

In the face of adversity, what's needed is clear heads and a considered tongue. It cannot be in anyone's interest if civil war breaks out regarding granting of a license.This is not the time or place to air grievances

Wise words from Lee but unfortunately the knives are already out.
Rank and file drivers are finally calling for change, not more of the same.

from Taxi Leaks

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