Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The TfL/Gett Email Paradox. They Can't Answer, Otherwise They Compromise Uber's 5 Year Operation.

    Gareth a Thomas MP.                   Caroline Pidgeon AM 

Approximately four weeks ago, on the 18/05/2018, I sent an email to Graham Roberts (TfL) asking two questions. I believed at that time as I do no, there was no way he could give a truthful answer, as it would incriminate TfL in a conspiracy of bias against the London Taxi trade. 

My suspicion has now come to be fruition, as I have had no reply, even after resending the email twice (29/05/2018... 07/06/2018). In all three emails, I also copied in my MP Gareth Thomas and London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon.

The email, to TfL suggested:
According to the abstract of law, all Private Hire work must be dispatched by a private Hire operator and cannot be dispatched by an unlicensed operation. We know as fact that Gett do not hold a PH licence for their Gett a Taxi app although they have another company One Transport that does. Gett have had a recent promotion, where Privat hire vehicles could be booked by customers on the Gett Taxi app.

I went on to ask the question:
By dispatching work through their Black Taxi only smart phone app, directly to Private Hire drivers, driving TfL licensed Private Hire Vehicles (Porsches), are they in contravention of the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998?

If Graham Robinson answered in the affirmative, then all jobs dispatched in this manner are/were illegal, then this surely compromised the Porsche drivers PH hire and reward insurance, making every journey undertaken, illegal. 

Many complaints have been made to his department, so I asked Mr Robinson why had TfL allowed this operation to continue knowing full well that the jobs being undertaken were in contravention of the 1998 Act....but Graham hasn't answered and to be fair he can't answer!!!

TfL couldn't stop Gett dispatching Private Hire work without a licence because that's exactly what Uber have been doing for the five years (2012-2017) and are still doing today....with TfL's full blessing!!!

     Italy Showing London The Way Forwad 

Under Peter Hendy and now Mike Brown TfL have knowingly let Uber dispatch illegal jobs through an unlicensed Dutch company, for five years. The public have been using a service that is in contravention of any H&R insurance, yet TfL's directors have covered Uber's back (and on multiple occasions).
Now that Uber have confessed they were acting illegally all along and after making sweeping changes to their modus operandi, they are begging to be forgiven (in their usual manner of its easier to ask forgiveness than permission). 

By answering the email, TFL's Graham Robinson would have compromised TFL's past performance, also confirming the bias and lies from their senior employees.

I have now written to my MP and various London Assembly Members asking them to take up this issue with TFL's Mike Brown.
I will post updates as and when I get replies back.  

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