Monday, 9 July 2018

Can TfL lawfully revoke licences for social media posts?

Odd how TFL will send out letters for social media posts but will allow a foreign company that did not report thousands of sexual assaults/stalking cases (2500+) in London??? 

We all know now that TfL covered up the fact that 13,000 Uber drivers had fake DBS certificates and is still allowing them to continue to work on. 

We also know that TfL director Leon Daniels lied on behalf of Uber drivers on multiple occasions to the London Assembly Transport Committee. 

Bizarre world we live in.

More recently, we've seen reports on social media, that some licensed driver’s have had letters from Transport for London (TfL) threatening to revoke licences for content posted by these drivers on social media.

Can TfL lawfully revoke licences under these circumstances?

Ultimately, TfL will need to show that a licence holder is no longer a “fit and proper” person to continue to be licensed.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental principle of life in the UK.  No citizen should have their freedoms unreasonably restricted or interfered with by a public authority.

Licensed drivers must however be aware of the law relating to Defamation of Character.  
Defamation of Character is a legal term that is used to describe a false statement that is written or spoken about an individual – or an organisation – with the intent of harming their reputation.

The full article below is a detailed look at where TfL stands in regards to the law, from Taxi Defence Barristers 

from Taxi Leaks

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