Monday, 16 July 2018

None So Blind As They Who Will Not See....The Debate.

An interesting conversation took place yesterday on Twitter. 

One drivers was was giving it large to the gloom and doomers, saying another cracking night in a record breaking week. 

His argument was that he didn’t recognise what the gloom and doomers were on about, finishing with a shrug of his shoulders. 

Anthony Minas   Lenny Etheridge   Sean Paul Day.

The best reply came back from Anthony Minas, who said:
“There’s a difference between doom and gloom...and informative opinion and fact.
Lots of cabbies on here mistake both as the same. 
Good way to look at it: 
Does anyone think Uber would have been in question in the first place if everyone was just positive? 
There needs to be a balance!

“Lots who have been labelled as D&G give up their time & money to try to expose illegality! 
I’m all for positivity of course but if that was the only course of action, we’d be gone already!
Most who call out d&g wouldn’t sacrifice 10min for the trade let alone thousands of pounds!”

Lenny Etheridge also joined the debate with:
“Yep, I see loads of bods hacking away at informative tweets warning of how we're being f***ed over, as D&G.

I too have had a few good weeks.
But I know it won't last if we allow the status quo to continue.

They can't see the storm because their heads are in their lollybags.

“These dismissive drivers, whose elation at earning a fair day's wage drives them to post everything is great, obviously see no danger from Uber and others waiting in the wings, or unregulated apps, or TfL and the Government colluding to do away with the KoL and Taxis in general. (Operation Horizon ‘a one tier system’)

“I promise you, the biggest screamers -if our trade dies a death of a thousand cuts- will be those who couldn't tell the difference between Noah making a racket next door, and a spot of rain.

“Turn left, you get a roader.
Turn right you get a puncture.
That's the nature of the job!

“These blissfully dismissive drivers will be the first in line to demand "How did the Orgs let it happen?"

“But these (mostly) unpaid Org and Union reps will quite rightly reply "How did we? No! How did YOU allow it to happen?”
How did twenty thousand drivers allow it to happen?"

“Carry on happily selling all your tomorrows for the gift of today.
Dismiss those with foresight, as D&Gers.
Let them worry for you.

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying."

None so blind ...

Sean Paul Day then joined the debate:

What policy has been put in place to ensure the viability of the cab trade? Fluctuations in work flows don’t count

Take a look at the link, and if it concerns you, then rest easy because Leon Daniels has secured a position of senior advisor”

The conversation was bought to conclusion by David, @blackcabLawyer...

“Hi Sean, good point. Hopefully we can keep the legal pressure up and commence a Judicial Review.

“Hopefully the taxi trade as a group will be in a position to decide the most appropriate way to proceed legally, in the next couple of weeks .”

from Taxi Leaks

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