Thursday, 23 August 2018

It Gets Worse....Much Worse!

Yesterday we heard news from the latest TOPs meeting between TfL and the Taxi trade.

First, we were told that TfL had indeed submitted the E-Taxis in bus lane signs and that they were not commissioned by Manchester as published in Taxi paper. 

Second, we informed that the LTDA and Unite the union had voted against all meetings with TfL being minuted. 

It should be pointed out that the LCDC, UCG and RMT voted for minutes being taken and therefore should hold a majority. 

Now we have the news that after the Mayor’s big announcement on TV media and in the press, TfL have cut the number of PCOs from 330 to 250. 

Will Steve McNamara and Mike Hedges please make statements as to why they voted against having meetings with TfL fully minuted?

from Taxi Leaks

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