Wednesday, 22 August 2018

LTDA’s E-Taxi Signage Article In Taxi Paper Confirmed As Fake News By TfL

With the amount of Fake News being banded about by a certain org trying to discredit other Taxi news sources, the London Cab Drivers Club, for the sake of clarity, asked TfL compliance if the signage featured in a post on Taxi Leaks (which was referred to as Fake news in the LTDA Taxi paper) was actually proposed to the DfT by TfL. 

At the recent TOPS meeting, TfL confirmed that it was indeed they who submitted the e-Taxi bus lane templates to the DfT for approval. 

They added that although the signage was approved, there are no plans (as yet) to introduce the signage on current bus lanes across London. 

But the question now needs to be asked, as the LTDA’s Richard Massett had access to the original templates, why did they crop the TfL signage out of the images shown in Taxi.

Why were they trying to cover up that TfL had submitted the signage and why did they infer that the signage was intended for Manchester. A statement that has now been shown to be FAKE.  

But it’s all cleared up now, the Fake News was not the post on Taxi Leaks, it was in fact the article that appeared in Taxi Paper. This has been confirmed by TfL. 

from Taxi Leaks

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