Monday, 13 August 2018

Uber Rival Ola has hired the former Chief Operating Officer of Google Europe to run its UK 

Uber's latest UK challenger, Ola is the market leader in India's ride-hailing market with a service including taxis, luxury cars and even rickshaws. It is set to launch in South Wales and Manchester later this year.

Both Legg's technical and business credentials will serve Ola well when it comes to competitive strategies in the evolved British transportation market. 

Before embarking on a corporate career, Legg was a Captain in the British Army’s Royal Engineers for 10 years.

He joins from digital advertising company AdParlor.

Can’t wait for TfL to licence London’s electric rickshaws and then see them operate under the Uber or Ola banner. 

The Lycra clad happy clappers will lap up the zero emission reichshaw bikes which are turning London into a virtual third world City 

from Taxi Leaks

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