Friday, 28 September 2018

Freedom of Information requests reveals the shocking amount of Private Hire and Taxi drivers operating with previous convictions

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A Freedom of Information request has revealed that a number of private hire drivers licensed by South Derbyshire District Council in the past three years have previous criminal convictions, according to a report in the DerbyshireLive.
32 out of 273 applicants have convictions including robbery, GBH, indecent assault and persistently soliciting a woman for prostitution from a motor vehicle, the report has revealed. Information sourced also showed that one particular driver had ten previous convictions ranging from driving without a licence, to burglary. On the district council’s website, again highlighted by DerbyshireLive, it says that applicants are judged on whether they are “fit and proper” to hold a licence, are medically fit and have held a UK driving licence for more than 12 months. In a separate Freedom of Information request, Scottish Borders Council released figures that show in 2017, 155 out of 385 taxi and private hire licences issued were granted to applicants with previous convictions. Some of these convictions, which have been reported by the Southern Reporter, include drink-driving, having no licence or insurance and criminal damage offences. According to the report, several drivers have convictions for violence, including, assault, domestic abuse and assaulting a police officer. Both reports reveal that a high number of drivers in these areas, who the general public put their trust in, have previous convictions. Public safety should, and must, always been at the forefront of any authorities licensing criteria.
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