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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Taxi drivers approach city MP to help tackle rogue parkers leaving their vehicles on licenced ranks

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Black taxi drivers in Preston are calling for urgent action to prevent vehicles from being parked and left on taxi ranks in the city centre. Taxi drivers are complaining that in the evenings and on Sunday when there are no parking wardens around, liberties are being taken on the ranks that they are trying to work. Now, according to a report in the Lancashire Post, hackney carriage drivers are taking their protest to the city’s MP Sir Mark Hendrick. Drivers are stressing that the current situation is becoming dangerous and frustrating for those trying to get on the ranks to pick up journeys. Taxi drivers are being forced to double park along ranks which is causing congestion on the streets, making it difficult for even emergency services to get through. According to drivers claims, Lancashire County Council have been informed of the issue on a few occasions but nothing seems to be getting done about it. Sir Mark Hendrick has assured drivers that the issue will be discussed in the next few weeks, but in the meantime more officers will make evening swoops to catch any offenders.
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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Council committee agrees more action is needed by the government to tackle the influx of Uber drivers

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Members of Wokingham's council committee met on Tuesday to discuss what action can be taken to limit the impact Uber is having on local Taxi and private hire drivers.
Taxi drivers from the borough have highlighted their concerns surrounding the amount of work that is being lost to Uber and the committee has agreed that stronger action by the government is needed to tackle the issue.
The council will now push for stronger recommendations regarding the operation of Uber in Wokingham Borough, the Bracknell News has reported. During the meeting, one councillor said that it is clear that there is not a level playing field in Wokingham and highlighted what they believe to be a potential public safety issue with so many drivers obtaining their licences from outside the borough. The council is calling for current legislation to be updated to grant licensing authorities the power to carry out compliance checks for any taxi or private hire vehicle within their area. The Licensing Committee may also call on TfL to make it a condition of licensing that drivers cooperate with requests from compliance officers in areas such as Wokingham. Its claimed that an increasing number of drivers are now operating almost entirely at a significant distance from where they are licensed, making it impossible for licensing authorities to effectively monitor their activities. The government could now be asked to bring forward legislative changes to protect public safety and to ensure fairness for all drivers in the borough. National rules mean Uber drivers can be licensed by Transport for London but can live in and operate in Wokingham without needing to be checked out by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC).
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Camden Council launch consultation on proposed changes to Tavistock Place and Torrington Place

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Camden Council have today launched a consultation on proposals to make alterations to the Tavistock place and Torrington Place area of London.
This consultation follows the implementation of the current street layout (the eastbound option) under an experimental traffic trial in 2015, the subsequent public inquiry in 2017 that further examined the merits of the scheme and the Cabinet’s decision in September 2018.
The Tavistock Place/Torrington Place consultationalso gives links to further information and where it can be found online on walking, cycling, motor vehicle flows, collision data, loading and air quality. The leaflet also states that additional information on routes for motor vehicles, traffic modelling and the predicted impacts on both options.
The consultation on the proposed changes to the area closes on December 24th 2018.
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New York City cabbies release latest revealing calendar for 2019

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New York City taxi drivers have again harnessed their flamboyant side by creating a pinup calendar in aid of charity.
The 2019 calendar features a dozen yellow cab drivers in “unique” positions in and around their distinctive cabs. Some of the profits made on the calendar will go to charity to help immigrants obtain better education and housing opportunities. To date sales of the calendar has generated nearly $70,000 for charity.
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Critics hit back at Sheffield congestion charge proposals

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Opposition councillors have hit back, condemning Sheffield City Councils plans to introduce congestion charging in the city.
As reported inTaxiPointthis week, it was revealed that Sheffield City Council are planning to impose, subject to government funding and approval, charges to vehicles entering into the city, which would include buses, coaches and HGV’s paying a £50 a day levy to use the inner ring road, with taxis and PHV's facing a £12.50 a day charge and vans and LGVs being charged £10, a day, private cars would be exempt from the charge.
Councillors opposed to the proposals have stated that public transport will be damaged, it was also stayed that the people should be rewarded for using public transport and not penalised.
Further criticism came, with opppsition councillors accusing the Labour run Sheffield City Council of not thinking the plans through, and branding it a tax on the least well off.
There were concerns raised that the most vulnerable in society would suffer as bus and taxi fares have to rise to accomodate the levy.
The Star reported that £10 million worth of grants will be made available to help taxi drivers and bus companies upgrade their vehicles.
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GMB secures huge workers rights win over Addison Lee as court throws out appeal

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GMB secures another huge workers’ rights win as tribunal throws out Addison lee appeal
Once again the courts have agreed Addison Lee drivers are legally entitled to workers’ rights such as the national minimum wage and holiday pay rights says GMB Union GMB, the union for private hire drivers, has secured yet another huge workers’ rights win after a tribunal threw out Addison Lee’s appeal. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) today rejected Addison Lee’s arguments that their drivers are self-employed contractors running their own businesses. The EAT confirmed the Employment Tribunal’s decision that the true nature of the relationship is that Addison Lee drivers work for Addison Lee – agreeing with the original Employment Tribunal decision last year. The ruling will mean thousands of Addison Lee drivers are legally entitled to receive the National Minimum Wage and holiday pay GMB has won similar ground-breaking victories against Uber and Hermes. Sue Harris, GMB Legal Director, said: “This is another huge win for GMB over bogus self-employment. “Once again the courts have agreed Addison Lee drivers are legally entitled to workers’ rights such as the national minimum wage and holiday pay rights. “Other employers should take note – GMB will not stop pursuing these exploitative companies on behalf of our members.” Michaell Lange, one of the drivers who have brought claims against Addison Lee, said: “We decided to bring this claim in 2016 because we wanted Addison Lee to treat drivers fairly; we are happy that the decision that we were workers for Addison Lee has been upheld. "We now urge Addison Lee to do the decent thing and stop denying its workforce of over 4000 drivers their rights.” Liana Wood, solicitor at Leigh Day who represents the drivers on behalf of GMB, said: “We are very pleased that the EAT has rejected Addison Lee’s appeal. “It is clear that Addison Lee’s business model of providing a fleet of highly trained, regulated drivers is incompatible with their arguments that drivers are not workers who are entitled to workers’ fundamental rights. “We hope that Addison Lee will accept this decision; drivers shouldn’t have to continue to work very long hours, often in excess of 60 hours per week, to earn just enough to meet their basic living costs.”
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Czech highest court upholds Uber ban in the country's second biggest city

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A ban on controversial ride-Hailing app Uber operating in Brno, has been upheld by the Czech Republic’s highest legal court. Uber were banned following a complaint by a taxi company which was supported by Brno City Hall on the grounds that new taxi services have to coincide with current law and regulations. Uber tried to argue that it should not be considered as a “common taxi company” but a court ruled that it is. Uber had appealed the initial ban which saw the appeals court side with Uber, but now, according to M.Phys News, the Constitutional Court has dismissed the decision, sending the case back to the appeals court. Uber faces similar issues in Czech’s capital city, Prague, as well as in many other cities across the globe. You win some, you lose some, but on this occasion it could well be ‘Czech Mate’ for Uber in Brno.
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Uber to submit new London operators licence application in due course

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London Assembly members yesterday met key figures within the taxi and private industry as they investigated the future of the respective trades.
Up for questioning included Transport for London’s Director of Licensing, Regulation and Charging Helen Chapman and GMB’s Steve Garelick. The meeting was the second of its kind, the previous meeting was held last month, and was created to investigate possible solutions to help both the taxi and private hire trades. The London Assembly Transport Committee are “concerned the future may seem uncertain for taxi and minicab drivers and business owners.” During the questions Helen Chapman confirmed there had been problems with taxi driver renewals in recent months and that Uber are soon to submit their next operators licence for the capital. Chapman also added that the regulators will also look to make the taxi delicensing scheme more attractive to drivers and said government needs to fix both cross-border and local capping powers simultaneously as highlighted in the recent DfT taxi report. Assembly Member Florence Eshalomi said after the meeting: “A statutory definition of ply for hire and pre booked is needed. Taxis should retain sole right to be hailed on streets or ranks but there is more that Transport for London could and should be doing now as the licensing authority”
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Man shoved in front of a private hire vehicle in London after brushing shoulders with person in the street

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A pedestrian was shoved in front of a private hire vehicle after brushing shoulders with another person on a busy London Street.
The victim was walking along New Bridge Street in the City of London at around 8am on July 23 when he was pushed unexpectedly into the path of rush hour traffic. He man told police he had "brushed shoulders and exchanged words" with another man, before he then followed him and shoved him into on-coming traffic. The victim suffered grazes to his hands and arms, but was not majorly hurt. The City of London Police force have released a photograph taken of the suspect by members of the during the incident.
A spokesperson for the City of London Police force said:
“We would like to speak to anyone who witnessed this incident in July or who may know the man in the photograph. “The quick thinking actions of the taxi (private hire) driver undoubtedly prevented this incident having much more severe consequences for the victim. However he is still naturally shocked and horrified by what happened to him. “If you have any information that can assist our investigation please call us on 0207 601 2999.”
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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Cab driver may lose his licence after he allegedly posted ads on "Fab Guys" gay hook-up website offering sex in his Taxi

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A taxi driver from Dundee is at risk of having his licence revoked after he allegedly posted “kinky” X-rated pictures of himself showing his badge on a gay hook-up website. The unnamed 52-year-old boasted on his ad that he could be found at the rank by Dundee Railway Station and stated that he prefers “quick meets, either outdoors or in my taxi’. The driver who is now being investigated by Dundee City Council claims to know nothing about the website, but a complaint made by a member of public has meant the council has had no choice but to pass it over to Police Scotland. According to the Scottish Sun, a spokesperson for Police Scotland has confirmed that if no criminality has taken place, the matter will be referred back to the council for them to make a decision regarding the driver’s licence. They added that all allegations passed to them are investigated and dealt with appropriately.
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Uber inch toward releasing sex assault data in the US

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Private hire giant, Uber, are edging closer to releasing data on the prevalence of sexual assaults by their drivers in the U.S.
A 53 page report, released on 12th November, has compiled a list of offences, categorised into 21 different sections defining degrees of severity, from leering, to rape.
The data, which will also include fatalities, will be released next year.
The high number of sexual assaults, on a global level, has been a continuing problem for Uber, with a group of women who have been assaulted in Uber vehicles embarking on a legal action against the company.
Lyft have also made a commitment to disclose sexual assault figures in the U.S.
The Star Online reported that there may be a spike in the figures once the report is released due to the level of under-reporting of incidents.
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Uber say they are determined to back Sadiq Khan's vision to reduce congestion and air pollution and believe Ebikes are the way forward

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Uber’s general manager for UK & Ireland, Tom Elvidge, has said that the controversial ride-sharing app are focused on helping the Mayor of London reach his goals of creating a cleaner, less congested city and believes combined with there £200 million Clean Air Plan, e-bikes could be a part of their mission to go all-electric in the capital in 2025.
Uber, who recently acquired bike sharing app JUMP, believe if Londoner's jump on board their Ebikes, the city could see a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 184 tonnes a day.
Uber has said that it estimates that between 81,000 to 163,000 new e-bikes would need to be launched in London, along with the necessary bike lane and charging infrastructure, to meet their CO2 emissions target.
In a report highlighted in the Environment Journal, Uber have suggested the number of e-bike journeys in London could eventually account for 4.7% of total travel, more than doubling the current cycling population.
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