Friday, 28 September 2018

Uber drivers in London are making less per hour than previously claimed

via taxi-point
It has been revealed by The Telegraph that a report compiled by Oxford University shows that Uber drivers in London are making £4 less per hour than the minicab giant had originally claimed.
The report revealed that after deductions for fuel and other costs, the drivers are making £11 per hour and working an average 30 hour week.
The London living wage is £10.20 per hour, thus putting drivers a mere 80p over the threshold.
Uber have welcomed the findings in the report, which was compiled through Ubers own data.
Last year Andrew Byrne, Uber's head of public policy, told MPs that drivers working on the platform earned up £15 per hour. This figure allegedly did not factor in driver-costs.
Byrne also stated to MPs that he did not know how many drivers did not reach minimum wage.
The report pre-empts a review into the gig economy.
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