Sunday, 21 October 2018

Atlanta rapist posing as Uber driver convicted of rape

via taxi-point
A man who raped at least two women in Atlanta, Georgia has received a life sentence.
Gabriel Rendon-Villasana, had been posing as an Uber driver, to procure his victims.
At least two women were kidnapped and raped whilst intoxicated.
Rendon-Villasana's modus operandi was to take a woman, who was accompanied by a man to a given destination, and then drive off if the man alighted the vehicle first, leaving the woman trapped in his car.
Fulton County prosecutors said that Rendon-Vallasana claimed to be an Uber driver on both occasions.
Judge Shukura Ingram Millender sentenced 33-year-old Gabriel Rendon-Villasana to life plus sixty years for rape, sexual battery and aggravated assault with intent to rape.
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