Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Drivers must receive tips as new legislation hits taxi apps and other sectors

via taxi-point
The Business Secretary Greg Clark announced earlier this week a series of new measures to back businesses and entrepreneurs, support workers and ensure every part of the country benefits from the government’s modern Industrial Strategy.
One of the key changes to effect the taxi and private hire industry centres around drivers tips left on third party booking apps and services. As part of the shake up the government announced plans to ensure that tips left for workers will go to them in full. While the government says “most employers act in good faith”, in some sectors evidence points towards poor tipping practices, including excessive deductions being made from tips left by customers. New legislation, to be introduced at the earliest opportunity, will set out that tips must go to the workers providing the service.
Uber, the UK’s biggest minicab hailing platform, already works to the new legislation and doesn’t charge drivers a fee on tips collected
However, popular black cab app, mytaxi, currently charges 10% on all tips handed to its drivers and would fall foul of new laws.
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