Thursday, 15 November 2018

Autonomous cars and cabs could have a seedy side

via taxi-point
A study has outlined a potentially seedy by-product of autonomous cars and cabs.....prostitution.
CNET have reported, that whilst vehicle manufacturers try to convince drivers that they will have more free time, have less stress whilst travelling in these vehicles, as well as encoutering fewer road traffic accidents and incidents, autonomous vehicles could also end up replacing the hotel room or brothel and become the go-to place for sexual encounters.
Researchers who have produced the study believe that the vehicles could be turned into "micro-brothels," complete with beds for seats as well as electrochromic or smart glass, which could darken at the flick of a switch.
The study highlighted the fact that companies who produce autonomous vehicles will also have to find ways of preventing vehicle users from disabling in-car monitoring systems.
Disabling these systems will invariably allow vehicle users to commit numerous acts inside the vehicle.
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