Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Critics hit back at Sheffield congestion charge proposals

via taxi-point
Opposition councillors have hit back, condemning Sheffield City Councils plans to introduce congestion charging in the city.
As reported inTaxiPointthis week, it was revealed that Sheffield City Council are planning to impose, subject to government funding and approval, charges to vehicles entering into the city, which would include buses, coaches and HGV’s paying a £50 a day levy to use the inner ring road, with taxis and PHV's facing a £12.50 a day charge and vans and LGVs being charged £10, a day, private cars would be exempt from the charge.
Councillors opposed to the proposals have stated that public transport will be damaged, it was also stayed that the people should be rewarded for using public transport and not penalised.
Further criticism came, with opppsition councillors accusing the Labour run Sheffield City Council of not thinking the plans through, and branding it a tax on the least well off.
There were concerns raised that the most vulnerable in society would suffer as bus and taxi fares have to rise to accomodate the levy.
The Star reported that £10 million worth of grants will be made available to help taxi drivers and bus companies upgrade their vehicles.
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