Friday, 30 November 2018

Gentleman Cabbie dies after his own Taxi rolled over him as elderly passenger desperately tried to pull handbrake

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A taxi driver from Belfast has died after his own vehicle run over him while he was assisting his 87-year-old passenger. 50-year-old Brian Braiden, had been a taxi driver for 20 years and has been described as an “absolute gentleman” by those that knew him. The tragic incident took place on Monday afternoon at around 2:15pm. Mr Braiden got out of his taxi when he realised his elderly passenger had forgotten to close her gate, while doing so his vehicle rolled back over him. The injuries Mr Braiden sustained were too much for him to survive. Family members have been left dumb with grief and have said he was the kind of man who would insist on helping others. The elderly passenger desperately tried to reach for the vehicles handbrake but was unable to help. As reported in the Belfast Telegraph, family members are not just heartbroken by the loss of a special man, but are also devastated for the passenger and what she went through. Mr Braiden lived and breathed for his family and friends and a day never went by where he didn’t tell them all that he loved them. When the police informed Mrs Braiden of her husbands accident, she begged to attend the hospital but was told that her husband “was gone”. What should’ve been just another airport job turned out so tragic. Mr Braiden will no doubt be remembered forever by all those that knew him.
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