Monday, 19 November 2018

New police camera can see if you touch your phone from 1,000 metres away

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A new device used by police can see what a motorist is doing from 1,000 metres away. The latest weapon used to detect dangerous drivers before any incidents occur was revealed by a police force in the Cotswolds. The mobile camera will be able to record exactly what you are doing, including your speed, way before you’ll even notice the police on the roadside. This new piece of equipment takes the speed camera to the next level with very clear video footage and still photographs of any illegal acts committed by the driver including the use of mobile phones or any other electronic devices. According to a report in the Birmingham Live, officers will use the camera, which also has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), to check on what vehicles are on the roads and how they are being driven. The aim, they say, is to prevent accidents that can kill or seriously injure people. Drivers committing any offences will be prosecuted and other drivers will be given advice on how they can improve their driving. Other offences that the police will be using the camera to detect are tailgating and not wearing seatbelts. If the specialist equipment is considered a success then we could see many more land in the hands of roads traffic police across the UK. Anyone who drives for a living, such as taxi and private hire drivers, will have to have their wits about them because the last thing they would need is to lose their licence due to a few misdemeanours.
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