Friday, 23 November 2018

Police given the ok to ram moped attackers

via taxi-point
Scotland Yard have taken the extraordinary step in sanctioning some police pursuits, involving moped attackers, to be ended through ramming the offenders.
The initiative, referred to by the Metropolitan Police as "tactical contact" is now in common use across London boroughs.
Moped attackers have blighted Londoners, attacking pedestrians and motorists as well as taxi drivers, and in some cases Knowledge Students who have then had their mopeds stolen.
Specially trained "Skorpion" drivers are being deployed as a means to end pursuits swiftly, even if the moped atrackers remove their helmets or ride dangerously, thus ending a policy of ceasing chases when it is deemed to dangerous to continue that pursuit.
The new initiative is called "Operation Venice," this initiative has gleaned over 700 arrests so far.
Although there has been a massive increase in this particular crime over the last 5 years, this years figure has seen a 44% decrease compared to the same period last year.
The Standard reported that moped crime figures from January to October 2018 stood at 12,419, falling from 19,455 over the same time period the previous year.
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