Monday, 26 November 2018

Private Hire Drivers stage more protests over the financial squeeze caused by operators

via taxi-point
Private Hire drivers in Milton Keynes have staged yet another strike this morning in protest against increased rent charges as well as a 20p commission added on top of normal fares. Drivers submitted a petition to Milton Keynes Council Office in Bleak Hall to demonstrate their disapproval, the MKCitizen first reported. Demonstrations also took place outside the offices of operators Speedline and Skyline who have increased rent for drivers and added additional commissions.Taxipoint reported at the start of November a similar strike staged by the same private hire drivers in MK who were demanding a rise in the minimum fare price. Drivers wanted to base rate to rise to £5 from £3.20. They claim that the increased cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance and vehicle licensing has made a dent in their profits therefore are in need of the fare increase.
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