Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Uber, Google and Apple advised to share mapping information

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The Open Data Institute have told tech giants Uber, Google and Apple that they should be sharing mapping data.
The data advisory group has told the UK government that tech companies who gather mapping information but do not share their data, could create an environment which will stifle innovation.
IT Pro revealed that the report, which was published on Tuesday shows that the value of that data may be worth between £6 and £11 billion per annum to the government.
Whilst the government have an open-access policy to geo-spatial data, private companies do not afford the same access to the information which they have harvested.
The Open Data Institute is an organisation founded by World-Wide Web inventor, Tim Berners-Lee and artificial intelligence professor, Nigel Shadbolt.
It is believed that by allowing free access to geo-spatial information, technologies and resources can be developed more efficiently.
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