Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Uber inch toward releasing sex assault data in the US

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Private hire giant, Uber, are edging closer to releasing data on the prevalence of sexual assaults by their drivers in the U.S.
A 53 page report, released on 12th November, has compiled a list of offences, categorised into 21 different sections defining degrees of severity, from leering, to rape.
The data, which will also include fatalities, will be released next year.
The high number of sexual assaults, on a global level, has been a continuing problem for Uber, with a group of women who have been assaulted in Uber vehicles embarking on a legal action against the company.
Lyft have also made a commitment to disclose sexual assault figures in the U.S.
The Star Online reported that there may be a spike in the figures once the report is released due to the level of under-reporting of incidents.
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