Saturday, 24 November 2018

Yellow Box Junctions - Councils call for more powers to install spy cameras to catch motorists who stop in them

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Road users are getting caught short more and more often as they attempt to drive through yellow box junctions, with many pointing the finger at the poor sequencing of traffic lights and law-breaking motorists for their infringement. Now local authorities are calling for spy cameras in their area to catch even more motorists who stop in the boxes. Transport for London and and Cardiff’s local authority are allowed to use cameras to spy on yellow box junctions and issue penalty charge notices to any driver who stops in one. Now other councils are calling for the same powers. According to research by the RAC, 8 in 10 drivers say they struggle to drive through yellow box junctions without stopping and nearly half of motorists say they get stuck in them accidentally.
Figures published in Motoring Research, show that Transport for London issued 123,071 PCNs in the last financial year. Last year they issued 108,164, that’s a rise of almost 15,000. Outside of London and Cardiff, yellow box junctions are supposed to be enforced by the police, but with fewer officers and the complexity of catching offenders, other authorities are asking for the same powers to place spy cameras at box junctions to issue automatic fines to drivers. The RAC have advised any council that is considering installing cameras at box junctions to fully analyse the the junction before doing so.
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