Friday, 7 December 2018

City Council weighs up pros and cons of same colour vehicles for entire Taxi fleet

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A Worcester City Council group are exploring the idea of introducing same coloured branded vehicles for all it’s taxi drivers. The idea, if implicated, would see the entire taxi fleet one colour with a Worcester City branded crest and livery on every single one of them. The council have been in heavy discussion with taxi drivers over the potential change, according to a report in the Worcester News. The idea of having a uniformed vehicle fleet of taxis was not supported by taxi driver representatives at a recent council taxi meeting, but will be further discussed at a scheduled council licensing committee on December 10. The main concern for taxi drivers who oppose the idea is the “unnecessary” and “additional” costs to them to have their vehicle wrapped and branded. The council group have priced up the potential cost to be between £250 and £300 per vehicle, which drivers are saying they do not want to have to fork out for. The condition of each vehicle once the branding is removed has also been brought up in the report. Concerns that the stickers could damage the paintwork which subsequently could lower the vehicle’s resale value have been highlighted. The idea behind having a uniformed fleet of taxi vehicles is that it will make them clearly identifiable which could boost public safety and security, the council has said. In turn, if customers feels more confident that it’s a licensed council city taxi, it will hopefully increase the work load for the taxi drivers. Should all licensing committees consider same coloured branded taxi fleets? What’s your thoughts....
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