Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Could Crossrail delay bring relief to London cabbies

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It has been revealed that Crossrail is to be delayed indefinitely, with no chance of being unveiled until at least 2020, bringinhg some much needed relief to the taxi industry, which was concerned at the impact it may have on some journeys, particularly trips to and from Heathrow Airport.
The delay, which was reported in The Guardiancentres around a £2-3bn black hole in the project's budget.
Mayor Sadiq Khan, and the Department for Transport, have procured loans in excess of £2bn, to try and complete the beleaguered project, which is now expected to top out at £17.6bn, up £2.8bn from last Junes predicted end cost.
Crossrail was initially due to open in December 2018, it was then pushed back until Autumn 2019. This further delay will be seen as yet another blow to the project which has been beset by issues. Apart from rrunning over budget and running over time, extensive safety tests will need to be performed on the highly complicated, state of the art signalling system, as well as the completion of station and tunnel interiors.
There have been fears amongst the taxi industry that between the massive road constrictions and restrictions, impinging on the surface transport network, and the impending opening of the Elizabeth Line, the ability for the taxi industry to perform its remit could be jeopordised.
It is believed that the National Audit Office is planning to investigate the Crossrail project and it is expected that the reports and minutes of board meetings will be published.
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