Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Could cycling awareness courses lead to reductions in taxi and car insurance?

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The government has said that motorists should see reductions in their car insurance if they undertake a cycling awareness course.
The comment comes on the back of a tranche of proposals submitted by the Department for Transport, which includes allowing councils to fine drivers who park in cycle lanes.
In the quest to reduce the number of cycle and pedestrian deaths in the UK, which stands at 100 and 470 respectively, 50 measures would be introduced.
To facilitate the inception of those measures, a cycling and walking tsar would be appointed.
Some of these new measures would also include the creation of a new police unit to analyse head and dashcam evidence of dangerous driving that has been submitted by other road users.
There was criticism of the proposals, with the BBC reporting that cycling groups were unhappy at the lack of emphasis on speed reduction.
At the moment there have been no discussions between the Association of British Insurance and the government surrounding the proposals in relation to motor insurance premiums and cycle awareness schemes. With less than 0.1% of motor claims involving cyclists and impact on premiums could be negligible.
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