Sunday, 16 December 2018

Hero Cabbie thwarts suicide attempt

via taxi-point
A taxi driver has been hailed a hero after saving a man from committing suicide.
25 year old AJ Singh, from Altrincham, spotted the man on the wrong side of a barrier on a bridge and immediately pulled his cab over to help the man. The incident took place on the A666 near Bolton, with The Manchester Evening Newsreporting that AJ spoke to the man for around an hour in an attempt to get him to come down off of the bridge.
Several other members of the public then joined AJ to try and assist, with one of them contacting the emergency services.
Despite fears that he may jump, he was eventually coaxed off of the bridge and pulled to safety.
Police praised the actions of AJ as well as the other members of the public who jad assisted.
A 30 year old man was subsequently taken to hospital where he underwent an assessment by mental health workers.
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