Saturday, 15 December 2018

ITV2's Judge Rinder sides with £600 fare dodger who refused to pay an IOU

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A taxi driver took a friend of his to court over an “unpaid” fare, and it was TV Judge Rinder who decided on the case during the hit show aired on ITV2 this gone Thursday. 32-year-old Liam Halewood of North Shore, who works as an entertainer, avoided having to pay a £600 taxi bill that he owed to his friend Anthony Thomas who drove him to a gig at former boxing manager Kellie Maloney’s home. Liam told the judge that his pal Anthony drove him to the gig as a favour, but a signed IOU presented to judge Rinder showed that he had agreed to pay for the fare at some point. Judge Rinder sided with the fare dodger Liam on a technicality. Rather than taking Liam to court for the IOU of £600, Anthony instead took him to court to claim £256.49 in fuel costs and lost income. It was concluded that there was no enforceable contract to award the decision in favour of the taxi driver. If he had attempted to claim back the IOU then the outcome may of been a lot different. The men have said that they remain friends, but I wonder if Anthony will put himself forward to drive Liam to any more gigs any time soon. Pre-payment in future I’d say.
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