Sunday, 16 December 2018

London Black Taxi driver nicknamed Crypto Cabbie allows you to pay for your trip with Bitcoin, and you can buy it from him too

via taxi-point
London black taxi driver who goes by his pseudonym name, Dave Jenkins, doesn’t just accept payment for a trip in the form of cash or card, he also allows his passengers to pay for their journey using BitCoin (BTC). According to a report in DecryptMedia, Jenkins, who has been given the nickname “crypto cabbie” carries a small point-of-sale terminal in his London cab. The touchscreen device can process what would be cash transactions in the form of bitcoins in real time, then provide a printed receipt for the passenger. The cabbie not only allows you to pay for his services with the crypto currency, he also purchases bitcoin using the small device. Jenkins feels that the service he offers is possibly one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin, saying you don’t need to deal with all the hassle involved with signing up to the likes of Coinbase or Bitstamp where you need to send off your passport etc etc. Crypto cabbie charges a 6% commission for selling you bitcoin which you can pay for with either pounds or euros. Cryptoglobe confirmed that once you have bought the bitcoin, you need to visit the website to redeem your voucher. Jenkins, who calls himself “a one man band” is available to hire for a ride via Twitter @fastbitcoinscab.
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