Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Price increase for Lyft and Uber in New York

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Prices for Uber and Lyft are about to rise in New York.
2019 will see the two ride-hailing giants have to collect a $2.75 (£2.20) fee starting January 1. The charge is a intended to try to reduce traffic and raise money for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).
The current cap on the issuing of new licenses has already forced prices up, and a minimum wage ruling will create a further price increase.
The Independent has reported that while Uber in particular baulked against capping licenses and bringing in a minimum wage, they did welcome congestion charging.
Ubers reluctance toward invoking a minimum wage as well as capping, bit welcoming congestiin charging is something which has been mirrored in the UK market.
Lyft and Uber have both shown a united front by supporting the $2.75 charge. They are also lobbying in other areas to charge all vehicles to enter congested downtown areas.
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