Monday, 10 December 2018

Uber accused of failing to honour arbitration clause by 12,000 drivers

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It has been revealed by Business Insider that over 12,000 Uber drivers have filed a lawsuit accusing the private hire giant of ignoring their requests for arbitration.
The lawsuit, which was lodged in a California claims that a mere 47 drivers have been appointed arbiters and only six have seen any forward momentum in the process.
Many companies require wokers to sign an arbitration agreement that requires disputes to be resolved with the company, rather than through a courtroom. There is however an option for a company to opt-out of this process.
The case was initiaally brought as a class action in several U.S states regarding drivers status.. Their complaints centre around a failure to pay minimum wage, lack of compensation pertaining to overtime, no paid sick leave, plus a myriad of other rights that would be inotiated were drivers considered to be employees.
For any arbitration to proceed, Uber is required to pay a fee to an alternative dispute resolution provider. It has been alleged that Uber hasn't paid the fees required to begin arbitration, except in a small number of cases.
As of last Friday the case was moved to The US District Court in San Francisco. Uber now has 21 days from receivinv the original summons to enact some sort of response.
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