Monday, 3 December 2018

Uber driver caught on CCTV kicking taxi driver to death yet no arrest has been made

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The family of a Chicago taxi driver who was kicked to death by an Uber driver during a road rage incident are calling for justice after no charges have been brought against the attacker even though the roundhouse kick to the head was caught on CCTV. The grieving family now want answers and justice to be served following the attack which took place three months ago. CCTV footage shown on CBS Chicago, shows the moment an Uber driver delivered the fatal blow to the head of 64-year-old taxi driver Anis Tungekar. The incident took place on September 2, after a verbal altercation took place between the taxi and Uber driver. According to reports, the Uber driver damaged the wing mirror of Tungekar’s taxi. Tungekar then followed the Uber driver down the street and pulled in front of him. Tungekar can then be seen from the CCTV footage flipping the Uber dirver’s wing mirror in before heading back towards his taxi. The Uber driver is then seen walking around the fro of his vehicle and executing a roundhouse kick to the face of Tungekar, causing him to fall back, smashing his head on the concrete. CBS Chicago covered the story on their news channel:
The Uber driver then casually walked back to his vehicle and attempted to drive away. Good Samaritans stopped to help Tungekar and to prevent the Uber driver from getting away. The attacker was taken in for questioning but was realeased and to this day no prosecution has taken place. Tungekar’s family now demand answers. Tungekar’s son, Omar, 36, has said the family are still waiting for someone to acknowledge that it’s a crime to kick someone in the head to death. Chicago police say that the case is ongoing, but the family attorney has said that the attacker, as far as he is aware, is still out there on the streets. A man who clearly has a lack of self control and is potentially a threat to others due to his propensity for violence. Tungekar’s family have said they are likely to file a lawsuit against the Uber driver, but want criminal charges filed first. Uber have said that the driver in question has had his drivers account suspended and they are cooperating with the police.
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