Sunday, 23 December 2018

Uber’s JUMP bikes receives revamp ready for its global expansion

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Ride-hailing giants Uber revamp their bike rental service JUMP ready for its global expansion.
The new bike is set to launch in San Francisco in January first and then expand to over a dozen cities throughout the year A spokesperson from Uber said they were excited by the next generation of JUMP’s iconic custom red bike. It has a handful of updates on the outside, and a brand new inside to make riding even more enjoyable. Some of the new features include phone mount, front dashboard, swappable battery and flexible cable lock.
On the inside, the new JUMP bike is built off of high performaning technology platform. With 4G connectivity, the booking experience – whether reserving remotely or walking up to a bike – is much faster.
Uber day the ride experience is more reliable, since the bike can now self-diagnose its most common failures. And with full connectivity for all on-board vehicle systems, it’s fleets will be smarter and safer over time, as they use the live diagnostic data from each vehicle to uniquely optimize its performance with algorithms running in there cloud.
The market for bike hire has yet to take off in the UK despite several companies having already launched. Uber hope it’s well known platform will help users find the bikes location making it more successful than other competitors.
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