Friday, 14 December 2018

University issue safety warning to students after man posing as Fake Taxi Porn series seen driving around

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Coventry University have issued a warning to all students to stay away from a man who has been spotted parked up in a vehicle which has advertisements for porn site “Fake Taxi” plastered all over it. The vehicle has been spotted on a number of occasions around Coventry and according to a report in The Coventry Tab, West Midlands Police have confirmed that they have spoken to the driver of the vehicle. Fake Taxi is an online porn channel where passengers who are unable to pay for a taxi fare with money, offer up sex acts instead. It is of course; all an act. The man was asked if he was offering girls money to star in a “Fake Taxi” scene but he told the Coventry Tab that he would not pay for a girl to star in a scene. He also denied being part of any official “Fake Taxi” company. The vehicle is a silver Vauxhall Astra (registration DY59 MFX), and has yellow “Fake Taxi” stickers on the side doors and claims to be sponsored by condom maker Durex. Coventry University has urged students to stay clear of the man and the vehicle. West Midlands Police have said that they are aware of the man driving in this vehicle but as of now, no offence has been committed.
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