Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wearing earphones while behind the wheel could see you issued with a whopping fine and even facing a driving ban

via taxi-point
Wearing headphones while driving could land you in hot water with the authorities and could even see you issued with a fine of up to £5,000 and nine penalty points on your licence. The huge penalties can be handed out by the police if they believe wearing a pair has distracted you from driving with due care and attention. Although no specific law states a complete ban on headphones, experts suggest having them in/on your ears is likely to interfere with your road awareness by blocking out noise from traffic and even emergency sirens. A driver is expected to remain fully focused, ready to anticipate problems that may arise with a split-second notice and experts believe a good driver will use all his senses. You may yourself wear, or know of others, that drive around with an earpiece attached to the side of your head even if you’re not listening to anything. Well it’s probably best to keep in mind the potential punishment were you to get caught up in a road traffic incident. If the police feel that your driving was distracted by the headphones you are highly likely going to receive a whopping fine along with points on your licence.
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