Thursday, 17 January 2019

Reckless moped rider collides with taxi

via taxi-point
A reckless moped rider smashed into a taxi after speeding through a side street in London.
The accident happened in Drury Lane, after the moped rider failed to slow down, or comply with a give way in Kemble Street.
As a result of what can only be described as an act of utter stupidity, the moped rider collided with the oncoming taxi, smashing the windscreen of the cab, as well as wrecking his moped.
Thankfully the taxi driver was shaken but unhurt, it is believed that the moped rider may have suffered impact injuries.
It was reported in the Daily Mail that Michael Glassman, Director of Colts Cabs in Bethnal Green, had uploaded the dashcam footage of the incident onto Twitter whilst tweeting "Bet this chap is going to have a headache, whilst attempting a full headbutt on the taxi."
Police were called to attend the incident, which occured at approximately 3pm on Friday, 4 January.
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