Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Taxi drivers claim victory in Barcelona: Uber and Cabify to cease service

via taxi-point
It has been reported in Catalan News that Barcelonas cabbies are claiming victory in the ongoing war between the taxi industry and ride-hailing app providers.
The Regional Government of Catalonia have proposed an ammendment to an existing proposal that will in effect set a lead time for ride-hailing services to a one hour minimum advance.
This proposal is a significant change from the original 15 minute advance booking time, which primpted furious cabbies to block parts of Barcelona in protest.
As a result of this ammendment, both Uber and Cabify have announced that they will stop operating in Barcelona.
It is claimed by one ride-hailing app spokesperson that the Catalan Government have capitulated to blackmail.
According to Josep Maria Goñi, president of Unauto, the ride-hailing companies association, employees who are working for ride-hailing firms in Barcelona will be laid off.
Taxi drivers in Barcelona will hold a crunch meeting on Wednesday to decide whether they will accept the Catalan Governments proposals, or continue protesting
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