Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Taxi drivers in Denmark become the latest to take action as protests ramp-up across Europe

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Danish taxi drivers became the latest group to take action against their regulator as protests seemingly ramp-up across Europe.
The Local have reported that taxi drivers in Copenhagen have protested against some of the regulations that have been imposed on them.
Around 100 taxis, had a "drive-in," driving in convoy past Industriens Hus, the head office of the Confederation of Danish Industry at City Hall Square, as well as Christiansborg, where the Danish Parliament is located.
They then circled the inner ring road, before dispersing after an hour.
The action in Copenhagen is the latest in a series of protests taken by taxi drivers, angered by their respective regulators or local councils across Europe.
Protests have taken place in Madrid and Barcelona, and a week long protest is in-situ in London in response to Camden Council's latest scheme in banning taxis from Tottenham Court Road, which has been described by some as monumentally stupid, given that it is a main thoroughfare with a major hospital at its northern end.
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