Saturday, 19 January 2019

Woman who took a cab journey knowing she didn't have the funds to pay for it has pleaded guilty to fraud

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A woman who dodged a cab fare has been ordered to pay a fine of £120 plus the original fee. Selkirk Justice of the Peace Court heard that the woman ordered the cab to pick her up along with two other passengers who needed to be dropped off first. When asked by the driver, the woman from Selkirk, Scotland, had originally told him that she had enough money to pay for the journey but halfway through the trip she admitted to not having the funds. The court heard that the driver pulled the vehicle over in the town centre where the woman was only able to withdraw £10 of the £30 fare from the bank. The driver, at this point, decided to call the police. Defence lawyer Ed Hulme, said: “She is very sorry for the circumstances in this case. “She realised too late she did not have sufficient funds to pay the fare and ended up in a spot of difficulty. “She is in between jobs but actively seeking work.” The Border Telegraph first reported that the offender pleaded guilty to a fraud charge and had a previous conviction for a similar offence. Carly Whitehead of Selkirk was ordered to pay a fine of £120 with a £30 compensation charge added on top to cover the cost of the fare.
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