Saturday, 9 February 2019

Department of Transport statistical report reveals Taxi and PHV drivers were the highest percentage caught using a mobile device behind the wheel of a vehicle

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A statistical report released by the Department for Transport found that taxi and/or private hire drivers are the highest proportion of drivers that use a hand-hold mobile phone whilst behind the wheel of a vehicle. The reports data, which was released on February 7, found that in 2017 taxi or private hire drivers that were caught using a mobile phone was at 3.3%. 2.1% of that figure were found to be holding a phone to their ear, with the other 1.2% found to be holding it in their hand. According to the data, 2.1% of van drivers were found to use a mobile phone behind the wheel, regular car users were and bus drivers were amongst the fewest with just 1%. The lowest percentage of drivers found to be using a mobile phone was goods vehicle or lorry drivers, at 0.6%. The study suggests that the figure for drivers that were caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel of a vehicle had in fact fallen since the previous data report in 2014. This is most likely to be because the penalties for any offender were made tougher within that time. In March 2017, the fine for drivers using a mobile device increased to £200, accompanied with six penalty points. A maximum fine of £1,000, (£2,500 if driving a lorry or bus).
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