Tuesday, 9 October 2018

All vehicles, including taxis could be banned from half of City of London roads

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It has been revealed in The Evening Standard that the Corporation of London is set to slash roadspace in the square mile by 50%, as well as reducing the speed limit to 15 mph.
Draft proposals from the Corporation of London will see taxis, buses, vans and cars excluded from "pedestrian priority " zones.
As expected, cyclists will be allowed to enter the pedestrian zones, but expected to give priority over to foot-traffic.
A section of Threadneedle Street as well as the roads around Mansion House, Moorgate and Liverpool Street Station are included within the proposed pedestrianisation.
The proposals are part of a long-term transport project which will see the City of London transformed into a "world class" street scene showing London is " open for business," with some of the proposals being brought in as early as 2019.
The Corporation have also urged TfL to ditch the Congestion Charge, in favour of a "road-user charge," claiming that the former, which was introduced in 2003, under Ken lLivingstone's regime as mayor, is outdated and not fit for purpose.
The proposals also call for a two meter wide protected cycle lane, which will segregate busy routes. The Planning and Transportation Committee will make a decision on the proposals on October 30.
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