Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Taxi representative tells City Hall the industry is "no longer economically viable"

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In a heated debate at City Hall today taxi representatives told officials the trade is "no longer economically viable" and that they are watching a “dying industry”.
London’s Greater London Authority Transport Committee listened to representatives from both the taxi and private hire industry on how best they can be supported and continue to thrive.
All representatives were scathing with their assessment on regulators Transport for London and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
The four taxi representatives all highlighted the need for a clear definition to plying for hire and expressed their anger that this was continuing to be ignored. Traffic, loss of road space and the cost of the new electric taxi also featured highly on concerns.
Mick Walker from London Cab Drivers Club said if his own son asked him which one he should choose as a career, black cab driver or minicab driver he would recommend being a minicab because the industry is "no longer economically viable"
Mick Walker added "the Knowledge is in serious trouble".
According to the LCDC spokesman those doing the Knowledge in the last 6 months tally to half compared to those who used to do it in single month a decade ago.
Trevor Merralls from United Cabbies Group spoke about ride-hailing apps and how they're regulated. He said the public want certain things but TfL as regulator should be there to "protect the public from themselves."
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