Saturday, 8 December 2018

A number of new EU proposals could see Black Box systems fitted to all new cars to analyse incident data

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New EU proposals will see black box data recorders fitted in all new cars to log information such as the vehicle’s speed or the state of activation of the car’s safety systems before, during and after a collision, auto express have reported. If proposals are approved, the new laws will also require new car’s to have intelligent speed assistance systems fitted by manufacturers. The speed assistance system will prompt drivers of changing speed limits and warn them if they should be likely to exceed any. If used in conjunction with cruise control, the system will automatically assure the vehicle changes with any speed limit. Black box data will be unable to be accessed by the drivers and although they will be able to still exceed speed limits, the data log will record the vehicle’s details that would be analysed should a collision occur. Other proposals would see systems fitted for driver fatigue detection, reversing sensors, rear lights that flash during emergency braking, enlarged pedestrian impact zones and pre-wiring for alcohol ineterlocks, allowing the easy installation of such devices in the cars of drink drivers. According to reports, the new proposals are projected to save 25,000 lives over a 16 year period. The aim is to introduce the proposals and make them mandatory by 2021.
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