Saturday, 8 December 2018

Uber driver allegedly calls girls 'sluts' and pulls weapon on Black Taxi driver outside Peaky Blinders bar

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An Uber driver allegedly threw a punch at a black taxi driver in Liverpool and then went to his car boot and pulled out what some witnesses have said was a machete like weapon. According to a report in the Liverpool Echo, hackney carriage driver, Anthony Rimmer, was sitting outside the Peaky Blinders bar with his fir hire light on with an Uber vehicle parked in front, which had it’s hazard lights on. Rimmer said he watched has a group of girls tried to enter the Uber vehicle but the driver started shouting at them to get out. The girls then approached Rimmer’s black taxi and got in wanting to go to Aintree. The Uber driver then left his vehicle and made his way over to the taxi shouting towards the girls. Rimmer said he was calling them ‘horrible women’ and ‘horrible sluts’. When confronted for his abuse by Rimmer, he then allegedly threw a punch at the hackney carriage driver, which missed. According to witnesses, the Uber driver walked over to the boot of his vehicle and brandished a weapon which some say looked like a machete. At this point Rimmer drove away from the incident to avoid any dangerous confrontation. Merseyside Police have confirmed that they were called to the scene but didn’t see any weapons. The incident took place at around 9:30pm Saturday 1, on Parliament Street in Liverpool City Centre. Merseyside Police said that the private hire driver in question left the scene after the incident was reported but has since voluntarily attended the police station and spoken to the enquiries team. Investigations are still ongoing.
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